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2000 "The Patriot" staring Mel Gibson (Columbia Pictures- 6/28/00 release)
Watch for Matt on "The Tonight Show" promoting the movie!

2000 Starring in Keith Vitali's latest production "Stop The Bully".
Due in stores in June 2000.

2000 Matt was recruited by Willei "The Bam" Johnson to be on his "A" team.

2000 Team TMAN competitions.

1999 May Kiwanis' 49th Annual Talent Competition, Fayetteville, NC- 2nd place

1997,98,99 only martial artist asked to perform at Paramont's Carowinds "Fitness day" programs"

1999 Scheduled to appear on The New Maury Show with Maury Povitch

1998 (Dec.29) Great Appearance on The Tonight Show with Jayy Leno (watch for 1999 reappearance!)

1998 Sept. Hired by Creative Network Studios as Member of "Lane Gang," Action Industries/Lane Furniture

    3 year contract for TV commercial syprintads & radio spots, castas "Daniel," president of the Lane Gang

    ("You see, I'm a black belt and nobody messes with the Lane Gang while I'm in charge!")

1998 Scheduled to co-star in "Angel With a Kick" sequel (filming Summer of 1999 in Wilmington, NC)

1998Appearingas "Lucas "In martial arts movie "Angel With a Kick" (1999 release)

1997 "Youngest Dream Warrior" of the World Fighting Council (demonstrations at live audience events)

1996 FOX Kid's Club (FOX TV) Talent Competition, Charlotte, NC- 1st place


1999 May New England Open, Marlboro, MA - 1st point-sparring, 2ed forms, 3rd weapons

1999 APR- North American Sport Karate Association (7VASK-4) rankings:

    World: 1st Fighting, 1st Traditional Forms, 2nd Weapons

    National: 1st Fighting, 1st Forms, 6th Weapons

1999 Apr Ocean State Nationals, Providence, RI- 1st Forms, 2nd weapons, 4th point-sparring

1999 Apr AA U North Carolina Qualifier- gold medals in Kata(forms), Kobudo (weapons) & Kumite (fighting)

1999 Mar World Series of Martial Arts, Fairfax, VA- 1st forms, 3rd point sparring, 4th weapons

1999 Feb USA Masters Karate Championships, Memphis Tn 1st forms, 1st in weapons, 2nd point sparring

1999 Jan 15th awarded 2nd degree black belt in Tai Karate Systems

1999 15th Annual Battle of the Mason Dixon Kentucky Championships- 1st Kata, 1st Weapons, 1st Point Sparring

1998 30th Annual Battle of Atlanta World Championships- 1st Point Sparring, 1st Traditional Kata, 2ndOpen Kata

1998 National Blackbelt League, Dixieland Conference- 1st Choreographed Fight, 2nd Cont. Sparring, 3rd Hard Creative Forms & 3rd Point Sparring

1998 South Carolina Sport Karate Circuit (SCSKC) Self-Defense Champion 1998 recipient of the Presidential Sports Award for karate (third consecutive year)

1998 featured in August / September issue of Karate International magazine

1998 awarded 2nd degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kobujitsu Association of North Carolina-traditional weapons

1998 demonstratorfor SMA's public school "DARE " program

1998 Member of SMA's "SWAT Team " (Special Winning Attitude Team)

1997-1998 member of Spartanburg Martial (SMA) demo team & South Carolina Sport Karate Circuit Team Dixie

1997 Fall "Battle of Atlanta" (North American Sport Karate Circuit) World Champion in sparring

1997 USJKC Competitor of the Year (third consecutive year)

1997 DOJO Organization Southeast Regional Champion runner-up in kumite & kata 1997 SKI ranked number one overall martial artist in USA (2nd internationally) (17 & under)

1996 USJKC Competitor of the Year in kata, musical kata, weapons & kumite

1996 DOJO Organization Overall Points Champion

1996 DOJO Organization Southeast Regional Champion in kata, musical kata, weapons & kumite

1996 SKI "Super Grands " (National Championships- Washington, DC) 7-times national amateur champion

1996 &1997 SKI ranked number one in state of North Carolina (underbelt, 17 & under)

1995-1996 Sport Karate International (SKI) ranked 39h nationally & internationally (underbelt, 17 & under)

1996 & 199 7 USJKC "Gold Cup" Grand Champion

1995-1998 over 500 tournament titles and divisional championships and top three finishes

1996 selected to perform as the "Youngest Dream Warrior " of the World Fighting Council

1996 FOX TV (Charlotte, NC) Kid's Club Talent Contest Winner (performing katas, weapons and self-defense)

1995 United States Junior Karate Circuit (USJKC) "Competitor of the Year" in kata, musical kata & kumite

1995 DOJO Organization "Competitor of the Year" in kata, musical kata, kumite & weapons

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