by: Donald Joyner, Poet Lauriett Duke University

When I first met Roy William's and it was not long ago;
I had just came up the DoJo's steps, to see his weapons show.
He is a Blackbelt Master of the old, true and tried; the ancient peasants weapons by
which many men have died.
There's the Nunchaku and the Kama, the curved sword and the Bo; along with the Sai
and Tonfa, which in his hands do verily flow.
No matter what he takes in hand, it becomes a living thing and as he directs them
through their moves, you can hear his weapons sing.
Beneath the light that's known as black, he weaves a web of strike, parry and attack.
In the glowing luminescence his flashing blade, will reveal to
the eye for just what it was made.
With a pair of nunchaku he creates an awesome sight and sound; flipping, striking and
swinging with a deftness profound.
Now ! the most eerie sound that I've ever heard made; was the sound of the air being
cut by his blade.
It's an unforgettable sound. Remembered over and over again; the ancient sound of
steel lightning, the last heard by many men.
As the light glints off this dancing blade, this sound would
bring delight to the Marque De Sade.
He's a God fearing man, devoted to his art; a master of all weapons, which he shows
from the start.
Now ! the kids they just love him, in him they delight;
as he holds them transfixed 'neath the spell of black light.
With a swiftness undreamed of and a grace undenied; he weaves a
web of enchantment that our hands shall see tried.
For it's an unearthly beauty, an awesome darn sight; to
experience the display of his weapons as they glimmer in flight.
Yes! Roy Williams is a master of all that enters his hands and
can teach with ease, how to, so everybody understands.
Quiet of manner, soft spoken of voice, pure concentration in action, free spirit by
He is the master that gives his shows in the night; and spins a web of true beauty,
'neath a vail of black light.
Here's to you Roy Williams, from the pen of a guy, that could master no weapon, but
give it a good try.
You do with a weapon what I try to do with a pen, and I'm glad to have known you
and can call you a friend.
And when the switch is thrown down on my final day, I hope there can be one thing
left that I can really say; and that is that it was a pleasure to know and to write, of the
wondrous achievement of a

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