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The Martial Arts Network On-Line
Welcome to The Martial Arts Network On-Line, one of the world's first and largest electronic forums dedicated to promoting the future of martial arts. Our web site is the cyberspace headquarters for many unique services that are now becoming available to the martial arts community.

A call to all U.S. Black Belts over the age of 21
From America's New Army

From America's New Army

To all Martial Arts Masters and School Owners
Sept.11, 2001, will live with us all, for the rest of our lives. It has been ingrained in our minds, as well as our souls. Life as we know it has changed and I’m afraid, not for the better. To all martial arts school owners, this would be a good time to revisit your schools program. In your children’s classes, the students must know how important it is that they do not leave their parents side when out and about shopping or doing chores. Also, each child must know their own phone number and how to get help in case of any emergency, either by dialing 911 or running towards a large group of people. In our Young Adult and Adult classes, lets do what we get paid for; teach our students how to protect and defend themselves. To the parents of our students, we need to stress the importance of them also knowing how to protect themselves, as well as anyone that may be with them. In our communities, we need to start Self Defense Programs. The flags that hang on our wall that tell people what style of martial art we teach can come down and be placed with much respect to the side for now. The only flag that needs to be there now is “The American Flag”. And for now I will start all of my classes with the pledge of allegiance. God Bless you all. And to those of you that have lost family yesterday, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ron Tramontano Founder of The Martial Arts Network 561-482-9049

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Thank you,
Ron Tramontano

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Master Ron Tramontano, chairman and founder of "TMAN" trains and teaches in the style of Tang Soo Do. Click here to visit with Master Tramontano at the North American Tang Soo Do Federation Headquarters website.

Are you a martial artist without a home?Click here to visit with Master Tramontano at the newly formed "North American Martial Arts Federation" website.

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